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~BLD~ New Release.

The Ellenor outfit comes in 6 colour options at this current time.

Until the end of 27th of March 2014. The Pink Glitz will only be 99L and the other Glitz colours 150L.  After that date they will revert to their full price of 399L.

The outfit consists of a Rigged Mesh Muffin Top, Matching Rigged Mesh Pants, both come in the 5 standard female mesh sizes.  As well as a pair of Non-rigged Mesh boots (with touch re-size (they shrink really small by the way)). 

The 6th Colour/Pattern “Hearty Green”, is only available to people in my store group.

Weekend Sales at BLD in SL for the 7th of March.

Going for Blues in the 60L secret Sales this week: Normally priced 99-150L each.

For the Super Weekend Sales its Reds!

will be 25L normally 75L

will be 99L normally 199L

Will be 99L Normally 300L.  Multi Colour change hair accessory using chat channels (colours shown are just a demo of 1 possible combination)

will be 69L normally 149L this is for Petite Mesh Avatars.  The other items listed above this are for Standard size avatars.

Don’t forget the Wash Event is still on see previous post for a sl tp link or head to my store and grab a LM to the event there.

Hope you all have a super weekend from Beliria x

BLD Weekend Sales & Wash Event:

Here are my weekend sales listings, I know been a while but had the flu, plus been busy making stock in rl as well :(.

First up 60L secret Sale Items:  All will be 60L for at week at my main store.  I’ve gone green this week.

One set of Wings for Small avatars/Petites, one for large/standard avatars and one mesh dress for Standard fitting females.

For standard size avatars only.

Next the Super Sales Weekend: All will be at least 50% of their normal sale prices in store or more.

Normally 99L will be 49L. For Standard size female avatars.

Normally 239L will be 79L. For Petite Mesh Avatars Only.

Normally 40L will be 20L.  For Standard & Small avatars.

Normally 300L will be 99L.  Full set for Standard Avatars only.  Not re-sizable.

Well it’s that time of year and the Wash Event has started.

Here’s where my stall is

So far I have only got 8 out of 10 items out, still deciding on the last 2, but here are the 8 I have out for sale.  They are all 10L each during this event. After that the prices will be going up accordingly.

The eye packs contain Standard eyes for non mesh users, plus mesh eyes.  The mesh eyes give you more options due to being single eyes Left and Right, rather than joined.  So have fun creating some cool odd eye looks or Just wear both of the same colour.

Next up is dresses for the lasses and Shoes!

The dresses are Rigged mesh and the shoes are Sculpties.  The Shoes come with a HUD giving you 8 variations per pack.  Added benefits the HUD also has a skin colour page and resize function.

At the moment I am trying to work out if I should do some more eye sets, or Wings.  Feel free to hollar your requests at me if those two boxes at the Wash are still empty on my cart :D.

Hope you all have a fab weekend! Happy Shopping

from Beliria @ BLD in SL.

BLD weekend sales for Second life items

For the 60L secret sales:

The hair accessories and earrings are for Standard size avatars

The wings above Can be worn by other small avatars of similar size.

The ones below are for Standard Size Avatars.

For the Super Sales Weekend: Please see in store for the discount prices or check the Super Sales weekend group in world. Items are roughly half their normal price or lower.

Happy Shopping! From Beliria x

BLD weekend Sales from 24th of January 2014

This week I have gone Pink! (Well near enough anyway :D cause one item is colour change and another has no pink anywhere near it).

60L Secrete weekend Sales items, we still can do 6 items for this one so here they all are!

First up Something NEW! I have just released a bunch of these in store on special price of 99L would normally be 199L.  Although this one has an extra offer and will be only 60L.

From something for Standard size avatars we now have an outfit for Petite Mesh Avatars.  Normally 149L.

And for ND/MD Cuties I have picked out 2 outfits this week, they are both normally 199L

Next up Wings!

These are flexi wings for Small avatars, demo available in store, normally 150L.

Normally 225L these wings are flexi feathered wings for Standard size Avatars.

Next we have the Super Sales Weekend items:

Normally 300L will only be 79L

This Hair accessory is multi colour change so you don’t need to keep it as pink ;). Changes using voice/type channels and has 100 feather colour options, 15 metal colour options plus 70 gem colours.  So that is a heap of colour combinations you can create.  For Standard size avatars.

Normally 299L will be 99L

Very big wings which open when you fly and close when your grounded. Has type control flap animation (which sometimes can clash with your other ao please read notecard included).  For Standard size avatars.

Flexi feather wings for standard avatars normally 75L will be 25L for the week.

Normally 239L will be 99L

Classic style halter gown in soft Pink with 3 additional skirts to change the outfit into a ball gown, etc for Petite Mesh Avatars.

And that’s all in the Sales at the moment.

Happy Shopping this weekend!  Psst although I do tend to leave my weekend sale items out for at least a week.

From Beliria Lumley x

Back from a nice break, hope you all had a lovely Holiday :).

Here are the weekend sales which will be out for the 10th of Jan 2014 @BLD in SL

First up we have the 60L weekend sales items:

A cute rigged mesh dress in Knit fabric with Argyle pattern for Standard sized female avatars normally 99L.

A ruffle dress for Petite Mesh Avatars only normally 99L.

Double pack owl necklace for Small Avatars & Standard. Normally 99L

Sculpted Ring for Standard Size avatars in black diamond normally 150L

Flexi feather wings for Standard size Avatars normally 99L.

Touch resize wings which can size down pretty small perfect for small avatars or make them huge for Giant avatars. Its your choice.  Demo available in the wings section of the store.  Normally 300L.

Next up the Super Sales Weekend Items:

Multi Colour change voice/type controled Flexi Feather Hair accessory for Standard size avatars.  Normally 300L will be 99L

Textured flexi wings for Standard & Small avatars.  Normally 40L will be 20L.

Sexy Rigged mesh dress in black knit with silver snake skin belt.  Comes in standard sizing for females.  Normally 199L will be 99L

This outfit is for a minimum of 4 different types of small avatars. The bag contains a set of petite clothing layers, ND/MD Little Me Clothing layers, PixelMe Clothing Applier and Micro Mesh Pixies Magic Ring applier.

It comes with a Top, shorts, 3 skirts & ballet flats giving you a mixture of looks.  Normally 399L will be 99L.

Happy Shopping to everyone, hope you all have a super Weekend from Bel x.

BLD weekend/week sales items 

Only have time to post half of them now this is the 60L secret sales items:

Have gone for a store card this week, its transferable so you can gift them or use them yourself.

Animated wings one set for small avatars the other for Standard size avatars.

Christmas goodies:

this is for small avatars and animated.

For standard avatars but will resize down.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy holidays! Hope you all have a fab week from Beliria x

BLD weekend/week sales listings from 13th of December 2013

First up the 60L secret Sales listings.  We have a double listing for regular and Christmas goodies.  So that’s 6 discounted items this week. All 6 will be 60L each.

Normally 99L.  A cute mesh dress for standard size Avatars.

Normally 150L Flexi feather wings for Standard Avatars.

Normally 150L Flexi feather wings for Small avatars, such as Petites mesh avatars, Dinkies, PixelMe’s, ND/MD cuties etc.

And now the Christmas selection for the 60L secret sales:

Normally 99L for small avatars, petites etc.

Normally 99L for Standard avatars.  Flexi feather wings in a while silvery feather texture.

Normally 100L for Standard avatars, a double pack of belly rings, one with feathers and one without.

Next we have the Super Weekend Sales items.

Normally 149L will be 59L.  A cute outfit for Petite mesh avatars.

Normally 59L will be 25L a lovely Christmas red mesh blouse for standard avatars.

Normally 75L will be 25L.  Flexi feather wings for standard avatars.

and lastly a unisex ring for Standard avatars made with micro sculpties. Normally 699L will be 99L.

Happy Shopping everyone and have a super week from Beliria.

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